Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Krishna battles Arjuna - Part 1 of 2

Krishna is an avatar of Lord Narayana. One of the eternal companions of Lord Narayana is Sage Nara. Arjuna was supposed to be an avatar of Nara. Krishna and Arjuna were born on the same day. The bond between them went much deeper than friendship...But do you know that Krishna actually fought a battle with Arjuna....

Their battle starts with Gayan, a gandharva. Once Gayan was driving his flying chariot at top speed across the skies. He was thoroughly enjoying himself as the horse flew across the skies. Gayan's chariot flew across the city of Dwaraka.

It was beautiful morning in city of Dwaraka. Krishna had just finished his morning bath and was about to return to his palace. It was at that minute that Gayan passed over the palace of Dwaraka. Gayan passed very close to the city of Dwaraka. In fact he passed so close that Krishna actually had to duck to avoid getting hit by the horses. Krishna stumbled and fell down down on the ground trying to avoid the horses. Gayan was having so much fun that he did not even notice what had happened.

It was only when Krishna shouted that he realized that something was wrong. He turned and looked down and saw Krishna looking furiously at him. Gayan quailed under Krishna's furious glare. Gayan did not even have the guts to turn back and apologize to Krishna. He just drove off, hoping that Krishna had not seen him.

Krishna shouted at Gayan, 'How dare you Gayan? I don't mind the fact that you drove recklessly..You do not even have the guts to apologize for what you have done...And you claim to be a gandharva...someone who is better than a human being...You don't deserve to live...Gayan!' Krishna shouted, 'I will hunt you down...'

Gayan heard the words of Krishna as he flew across the city of Dwaraka. He broke into cold sweat...Krishna was angry with him and had promised to hunt him down...How could he even hide form someone like Krishna...No matter where he went Krishna would hunt him down...Gayan decided that the only thing he could do now was to approach one of the Gods and ask for their help....

Gayan drove straight to Amaravathi – Indra's place and he drove straight into Indra's palace. Indra was out in the garden watching as Gayan crashed into the garden and ran straight Indra. 'Indra! Indra! You have to help me...' He panted. Indra held up his hands, 'What is the matter Gayan? You look like you are scared out of your wits...'

Gayan told Indra everything that had happened in the morning. Indra's eyes grew round as he heard that Gayan had picked a fight with Krishna. Indra spoke harshly, 'You mean to tell me that...you picked a fight with Krishna...the Krishna....' Gayan nodded uncertainly as Indra continued, shaking her head, 'No Gayan! No one can save you now....' Gayan looked at Indra with fearful eyes..The King of the Devas said he could not fight with Krishna...Oh God! Indra was saying something. Gayan shook his head and listened to him, 'Just go to Krishna and ask for forgiveness. I am sure he will forgive you...' Gayan shook his head in fear.

'Krishna was so angry with me...if I go and talk to him, he would just kill me...I will not go back there...' Gayan shook his head fearfully and backed off as he went towards his chariot. Indra tried stopping me, 'No Gayan! Please go to Krishna, I am very sure, he will forgive you...'

Gayan yelled at Indra, 'If you are afraid to fight Krishna, I will find someone who will fight him, but don't ask me to go to him and ask for forgiveness....'

Gayan sat on his chariot and was off. He was furiously thinking about whom he could approach to protect himself. Gayan passed Mount Kailash, when it stuck him...Lord Shiva was the best person to approach...Lord Shiva would stand up against Krishna...He entered Lord Shiva's home and fell at Lord Shiva's feet.

'Lord! You are the only one who can save me...' He said as his hands trembled. He had to make the Lord see and protect him...

Lord Shiva who knew all that had happened shook his head, 'No Gayan! I cannot help you...'

Gayan was terrified, 'Lord please do not say like that...I have come believing in you..If you also don't help me...I have no where else to turn to..Please sir!'

Lord Shiva smiled, 'Son! Go to Krishna! He will forgive you...'

Gayan was exasperated, 'Lord! Krishna has promised that he will kill me...do you really think I can make him understand...'

Lord Shiva nodded his head, 'That is the only option available to you...'

Gayan looked at Lord Shiva and realized that no matter how much he coaxed Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva would not agree.

Gayan walked out of Kailash and was crestfallen...What could he do... He got up on his chariot and was aimlessly driving it...when he whizzed past a figure merrily walking through the clouds.

'Narayana! Narayana!' The figure said. Gayan got down and walked towards Narada, the mischievous sage, who roamed about the world singing praises of Lord Narayana. Gayan bowed to Sage Narada with half a heart.

Narada looked at Gayan and said mischievously, 'What is it Gayan? You seem to be in trouble...you can tell me...' Gayan looked at Narada. He sighed and told Narada everything about the morning. Narada sighed and shook his head and made sympathetic noises.

As Narada was about to open his mouth, Gayan held up his hands, 'Sir! I cannot go back to Krishna! No matter what everyone says, I do not think...Krishna would forgive me...'

Narada smiled, 'I was not about to suggest that...I actually have a better idea...' Gayan looked at surprise at Narada and Narada smiled mischievously, 'I wanted you to go to Arjuna, the Pandava....'

Gayan blinked...Arjuna...He stammered, 'But..But...Arjuna and Krishna are the best of friends...why would Arjuna protect me from Krishna...'

Narada smiled, 'Well Arjuna is a prince, a warrior prince. I think he will see it as his duty to protect any one who comes to him for help...'

Gayan fumbled, 'But when I tell Arjuna that he has to protect me from Krishna, do you think he will protect me...'

Narada laughed, 'He won't..if you tell him that he has to protect you from Krishna...But what if you don't tell him that...'

Gayan blinked some more as Narada continued, 'Arjuna is a warrior. If he promises that he will help someone, he will help, no matter what! Tell him that you need to be protected from Krishna, after he promises to help you...' Narada said with his twinkling eyes.

Gayan nodded dazed. He bowed to the sage and got on his chariot and drove to the Pandavas. The five Pandavas were relaxing as they saw a flying chariot come inside the palace. Arjuna got up and went near the outside gate, as he heard hurried steps come towards him. He saw a gandharva run towards him and bow to him, 'Arjuna! You are the great Arjuna! You are the only one who can help me...' The gandharva said.

Arjuna looked at the disheveled man and wondered what could have scared a gandharva so much, 'Please sir! Who are you? What do you want?'

Gayan took a deep breath, 'I am Gayan! I am in trouble...A king is hunting for me and has promised to kill me...I am afraid...'

Arjuna shook his head...Why would a gandharva be afraid of a human? 'I don't understand..who is the king?'

Gayan shook his head, 'I will not tell you that...If I tell you, you will not fight against him...' Alarm bells were ringing in Arjuna's head as he looked at the gandharva. However his brother Yudhishtar came out now. He had heard most of the conversation. He looked at Arjuna, 'Arjuna! You are a warrior. It is your duty to protect anyone who comes to you...You cannot give your protection when you want and stop protecting people when you don't want it....'

Arjuna frowned. He knew his brother was right. Arjuna reluctantly looked at the Gandharva and then at Yudhishtar. He turned to Gayan and spoke slowly, 'Ok! I will protect you...from whomever it is....'

Gayan almost fainted with relief. He slowly smiled at Arjuna. Arjuna asked Gayan anxiously, 'Now tell me who is the king?'

Gayan looked at Arjuna in the eye and said, 'Krishna, the Dark One. Krishna the King of Dwaraka...I want you to protect me from him....'


  1. I am a close follower of Shri Krishna and his stories. I am very thankful for sharing these wonderful stories. If its not too much to ask, may I know from where you read these stories?

  2. wow... this scene is portrayed in a telugu movie Shrikrishna Arjuna yuddham, starring NTR and Nageshwara rao.

  3. Is it war really happen.I thought that it is created by director because i love to know the mythology, so i read the different mahabharat books and bagvatgeta books but i did not find the war between LORD KRISHNA and ARJUNA.so would you please clarify my doubt.

  4. Thanks for this. Excellent addition to the knowledge of the leela of Krishna.