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Revathi and Balarama - Part 1 of 2

Jarasandha, the king of Magadha was the father-in-law of Kamsa. Jarasandha had married both his daughters Asti and Prapti to Kamsa.
When Krishna killed Kamsa, naturally, Jarasandha was infuriated with this.
Jarasandha collected a huge army and attacked Krishna's city of Mathura, not once, but eighteen times.
Krishna defeated Jarasandha seventeen times and all the times, he spared Jarasandha’s life.
In the eighteenth time, Jarasandha joined forces with another king called Kalayavana and they attacked Mathura on two fronts.
Krishna and Balarama had all their people moved to the kingdom of Dwaraka and with a skeletal army, they faced this dual attack.
Using the help of a great king by name Muchukunda, Krishna killed Kalayavana.
But then Krishna's problems were only half over, with the death of Kalayavana. They had decimated Kalayavana's army. Still Jarasandha's army were around them. And this time, Jarasandha had mustered a huge army.
Krishna and Balarama, instead of fighting Jarasandha, they ran from the battlefield.
Jarasandha probably did not know the fate of Kalayavana and thought that his plan of attacking Mathura on two fronts was finally succeeding.
Gloating with himself, he and army people gave a chase to the fleeing Yadava brothers.
The brothers ran hard and they reached a mountain called Pravarsana. (In Sanskrit, Pravarsana means the rainy mountains. It is believed that it is always raining at Pravarsana.)
The two brothers looked at the approaching army and started climbing up the mountain.
Jarasandha was gleeful when he saw the two brothers climb up the mountain.
Realizing that the two brothers were trapped in the mountain, Jarasandha ordered his men to set fire to the mountains on all sides.
Jarasandha and his men watched in a vicious satisfaction as the mountain burned magnificently. They just made sure that no one escaped the mountain.
Jarasandha went back to his kingdom, finally satisfied that he had avenged his son-in-law's killers.


Naturally, Krishna and Balarama escaped the fire. (Some Puranas mention that the two brothers jumped from the mountain for a distance of about 11 Yojanas to escape the fire! Incidentally, 1 Yojana is about 14.63 kilometers.)
It is believed that Krishna and Balarama framed their own deaths because they wanted to start afresh in the city of Dwaraka
Dwaraka was an extremely safe place as it was surrounded by the seas on all sides. Jarasandha could not attack them there.

And the reason, Krishna did not kill Jarasandha was that, it was important for Jarasandha to live at that time – for the Pandavas – because only when the Pandavas killed Jarasandha, they could annex the kingdom of Jarasandha and that move would establish the supremacy of the Pandavas.


As the brothers were going to Dwaraka after escaping the fire, they saw the beautiful mountain of Raivataka on the way.
But that was not surprising. What was, was that there was a ravishing beauty standing besides the mountain and beside the girl, was an old man – a very troubled looking old man.
Though, the old man was troubled, there was no doubt that the man was king and the jewels that he wore looked like the jewels of very old times. But the man carried himself like a king and had perfect regal bearings as he studied the two brothers looking a little worriedly.
"Who are you?" Balarama asked as he was studying the old man.
The girl was breathtakingly beautiful. So beautiful that Balarama would not even look at her.
"My name is Kakudmi. Some people even call me Revata." The man spoke in an ancient language which was almost forgotten by the locals. Mercifully, the two brothers were able to follow him. "I am of the kingdom of Kusasthali. I am the king of that kingdom."
Balarama was watching shocked. "Kusasthali?" He demanded looking like he was unable to believe what he was hearing.
"Yes." That was the first time the girl spoke. She had a beautiful voice and it was definitely haunting Balarama. "I am the princess of that kingdom." There was a slight anger in her voice as if she just could not believe that someone would doubt her and her father.
"You do not understand, my princess," Krishna said with twinkling eyes. "We have only read about the kingdom of Kusasthali. That kingdom is spoken of in the history of the Yadavas. And incidentally, our kingdom of Dwaravathi is built on the place where the kingdom of Kusasthali once existed." Krishna told the stupefied princess. 


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