Monday, June 2, 2014

The birth of a mighty warrior - Prelude - Part 1

It was time for the next yuga. The burden of the warriors on the earth was becoming unbearable. And so Narayana himself had decided to incarnate on earth. The other Gods of the heavens obviously incarnated with Lord Narayana to help him with the task.
Soma Deva remained alone and did not help the Devas in any way. Seeing this the other Gods approached him.
'Lord Narayana himself is incarnating in earth! Soma Deva, you also will have to contribute in some manner to this!'
Soma Deva staunchly refused to meet the eyes of the other Devas. Probably he knew exactly what they were going to ask.
Seeing him silent, the other Devas did indeed ask for the one thing which the Deva did not want to hear. 'Your valiant son, Varchas! He is one of the greatest warriors ever! You will have to let him incarnate on earth for this divine purpose....'
Soma Deva murmured something which no one heard.
'Speak up, Soma Deva! We cannot hear you!' The other Gods spoke angrily.
Soma Deva took a deep breath and spoke quietly. 'Varchas is dear to me, than my life! I cannot part with him...please ask me for anything else!' he pleaded with the others.
The other Gods shook his head. 'The entire incarnation is for the purpose of the destruction of Asuras on earth! We are Devas! The destruction of Asuras is our purpose too! You cannot shirk away from it, Soma Deva!'
All the Gods convinced Soma Deva some more and he finally relented. However he imposed a very important condition before he allowed his son to incarnate on earth. 'What you say is true! This is indeed our purpose! But I have some conditions! Only if they are met, I can allow Varchas to incarnate on earth! I cannot be parted with Varchas for long! So he will have to come back to me as soon as his work there is done....Probably as soon as he is sixteen years.....' The other Gods watched Soma Deva as he continued. 'When he incarnates on earth, he will be one of the greatest warriors on earth! In fact he will fight a battle when both Narayana and Nara would not be there and still keep away all his enemies effortlessly....He would be powerful enough to decimate almost one-fourth of the enemies forces....just in a day!' Soma Deva looked proudly as he continued. 'I also wish that it is through this son of mine that the almost extinct heroic race should continue!' He finished with a ringing voice.
The other Gods looked at Soma Deva quietly and finally they all nodded their head. 'So be it!' They intoned as one....


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  3. "Asthu . Tadhaasthu ! " the chorus of Devas echoed in my ears as I finished reading the post..

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