Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chapter 14 - The marriage of Kunti

Kunti muttered to herself, the mantra which was fresh in her mind. And unfortunately for Kunti she was doing that as she was staring at the Sun God....
For a few seconds, Kunti was shocked because she heard a sound behind her. Wondering who it was behind her, she whirled around startled and was shocked.....
Standing before her, completely thrilling her in his brightness was Surya, the Sun God. Kunti had no doubt in her mind that this was indeed the Sun God. The aura which emanated from the man was something that only a Deva could have. And the pleasant warmth coming off the man made it clear as to who he was....
Kunti was horrified, wondering what it was that she had done. She was just thinking about the Sun God....Was it....? Suddenly the words of the Sage Durvasa struck her – Any Deva would appear before you....
Kunti was struggling to control her raising panic, as the Surya Deva spoke. ‘Why have you summoned me, princess?’
Kunti was lost for an answer. She...? She blinked at the Sun God unable to reply as the Sun God continued. ‘Why did you invoke the mantra on looking at me?’ the Sun God asked in his melodious voice.
That was when Kunti found her voice. She realized that there had been no misunderstanding. The mantra of Sage Durvasa was devastatingly efficient. ‘It was a mistake!’ Kunti mumbled, falling at the feet of the Deva. ‘Please! It was just the foolish curiosity of young girl! Please forgive me, Arka.’ Kunti said watching the Deva. ‘I invoked the mantra without realizing its power.’
Surya was surprised and then he was perturbed. ‘I am afraid, I cannot leave you. The mantra binds me.’
Kunti was hyperventilating as Surya Deva continued. ‘The mantra which summoned me, requires me to give you a child, who has my powers.’
Kunti blinked as she was watching the worst nightmares come true. ‘NO....’
The Sun God unfortunately did not have much choice in that matter. He blessed Kunti with a son and vanished from there.
Kunti watched the baby and was still reeling from the shock. The baby was powerful and was born with a naturally strong armour around his body. But Kunti was really not admiring the beauty of the child before her. What had started out as a simple case of curiosity was now rapidly out of hand.
She watched her palace and decided to do the most prudent thing, which she could do at that time.
Taking the child, she wrapped the child in her clothes and without anyone noticing, took the child to the river and put the child inside a box and let the box float through the river....
(The box was found by Adhiratha’s wife Radha and they adopted the child immediately. And because the child was born with a natural armour and earrings, they named him Vasusena meaning the one who is born with wealth. Even as a child, Vasusena spent hours praying in the Sun and would give anyone anything that they wanted, when he was praying. Indra, the Lord of the Devas, came to Vasusena and demanded the natural armour from Vasusena. Because Vasusena took away his armour and gave it to Indra, he was called as Karna – the one who peeled his own armour)
Meanwhile back at Kuntibhoja’s household, Kuntibhoja was a worried man. Though his daughter was an unrivaled beauty and extraordinarily intelligent, he still had no offers for her marriage.

Kuntibhoja then hoisted a Swayamvara, which was attended by the kings of the country and there, Kunti married Pandu, the prince of the Hastinapur....

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