Friday, August 4, 2017

Gatothgaja - Chapter 5

Meanwhile, Hidimba was waiting for his sister. She had never been late before. She had always been quick and efficient in her kills.
But right now, Hidimba waited and waited and still there was no sign of his sister.
Finally, Hidimba got impatient and walked towards the direction that her sister had gone.
And as he walked the entire forests trembled. Because Hidimba was a really frightful looking monster. With red eyes, hairy body and arms which were as thick as the truck of trees and long and sharp pointed teeth, Hidimba looked like he could kill humans with a single blow. He could.
Hidimba plodded through to the clearing where the Pandavas and their mother was sleeping and on arriving there, he was stunned.
His sister, was now looking ravishingly beautiful and was talking with the human.
Shock gave way to anger as Hidimba snarled loudly looking ferocious as he bared his teeth at the human.
Looking at his sister's beautiful dresses and her made up face, Hidimba could almost immediately guess that his sister had changed her mind. Hidimba looked furiously angry at his sister and then murderously studied the human whom her sister loved.
Hidimbi naturally did not know anything about Bheema and she was afraid that her brother was going to kill the human who she had so deeply desired.
Bheema for his part, saw the ferocious monster and gave a mirthless smile. He looked at Hidimbi and shook his head. "Lady, do not be afraid of anything. As long as I am here, that monster can do nothing to anyone here," Bheema said in a sneering voice.
Hidimbi could not believe the audacity of the human before her. He was proud and regal and looked completely confident. Hidimbi had seen enough people to realize that the human was really not afraid of Hidimba.
But Hidimbi had seen her brother in action too and she knew that Hidimba was not someone to be taken lightly. "That brother of mine is really powerful, human!" Hidimbi said struggling not to get afraid.
Hidimba looked at the human and his own sister and he could barely control his hatred. "Hidimbi, in the mighty honour of the Rakshasas, who are your ancestors," Hidimba said in a sneering tone, "I am going to kill you and the human whom you hold so dear."
Hidimba came closer as he was trying to kill his sister.
Bheema wasted no time as he pushed Hidimba back angrily. "Your sister was sent here by you. And she fell in love with me. By loving me, she has committed no crime against you." Bheema said in a sneering voice. "And I will never let you hurt a woman when I am here."
"Talk and boast!" Hidimba said angrily, as he turned his attention from his sister to the human before her. "That is all you humans can do."
Hidimba gave a cursory glance at the sleeping Pandavas and Kunti and looked at Bheema with contempt. "And take it from me. I will destroy you and then I will kill you. And after that, I will kill every single one of those people who are behind you."
Hidimba had not even finished speaking, when a terrible battle ensued between the human and the Rakshasa.
Hidimba attacked Bheema, who deftly step sided the attack. Bheema with his ferocious strength, clutched Hidimba by the throat and dragged him far away from the clearing, because he did not want the Rakshasa's yelling to wake up his brothers and mother. (It is said that Bheema dragged Hidimba nearly 32 cubits which is about 0.14 kilometers).
And then as the two fought each other ferociously, the other Pandavas woke up.
The first thing they saw on waking up, was Hidimbi who was keeping a watch on them. She looked worried as she was watching the fight between her brother and the human and she was struggling not to get afraid.
Hidimbi quickly told the sleeping Pandavas and Kunti everything that had happened.
Arjuna wasted no time as he and his brothers ran towards the clearing that their brother and Hidimba were fighting.
"Let us help you!" Arjuna yelled at Bheema as he saw the fight between the two.
"STAY!" Bheema snarled angrily as his eyes did not even move an inch from Hidimba.
Without even pausing to take a breath, Bheema pushed the Rakshasa back who fell down hard.
"The twilight hour is coming, Bheema!" Arjuna yelled. "Rakshasas become extremely powerful during this time. It is practically impossible to defeat them during the twilight. Finish him before that!" Arjuna yelled. "Or let us help. You look tired!"
Bheema snarled as he looked at Hidimba and saw the skies behind and realized that Arjuna was right.
And Bheema wasted no further time. Summoning up the power of the Wind God within him, Bheema hurled Hidimba to the ground and smashed the Rakshasa in one swift move.
The Rakshasa gave a fearful yell which resounded through the entire forests. The entire forests seemed shaken with Hidimba's earshattering roar.
With that Hidimba breathed his last.
The three Pandava brothers – Yudhishtara, Nakula and Sahadeva along with Kunti and Hidimbi watched the impossible feat of Bheema unable to believe what they were seeing.
But Arjuna was not even paying attention to the fight. He was more worried about what the death of Hidimba signified. They were already on the run from Duryodhana. As of now, the only reason they were safe was that Duryodhana believed them to be dead. But if Duryodhana learnt about the death of Hidimba, there was a chance that he could suspect that this was the handiwork of Bheema leading to conclusion that the Pandavas were still alive.
So the most prudent thing to do right now was to move away from the place and get to the nearest town.
"Let's move." Arjuna told his brothers immediately.
Bheema and the other Pandavas looked at the place and the dead Rakshasa.

They all realized the logic of Arjuna. They moved away from the place, making way to the nearest town. And all the while, they were followed by Hidimbi, the Rakshasa woman.


  1. You are so good at story telling!!! It is so immersive!

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