Thursday, May 14, 2020

Andhaka - The Blind King of the Asuras - Part 1


Once Parvathi playfully closed the eyes of the three-eyed Lord when Shiva was in the form of a hermit, with ash sprinkled all over himself. At that time, Shiva was meditating in Mount Mandara.

Parvathi was surprised with what happened after that.

Because without any reason, the entire world grew dark and nothing was visible anymore.

Parvathi was shocked because her hands with which she had covered the third eye of the Lord were almost burning.

Realizing immediately that the world was in darkness because of her, the Goddess removed her hands from the Lord’s eyes.

Shiva, I am sorry!” She was apologetic as she saw that now the world was getting brighter and everything was getting back to normal.

Shiva smiled and said nothing and that was when a wail of a child was heard from near them.

Shocked Parvathi turned.

There was a small baby near them and by far it was one of the most ugliest baby that Parvathi had ever seen in her life.


You closed my eyes. You used your power against me. This child was born as a result of it.” Shiva said as he was studying the baby.

You… mean..” Parvathi was shocked as she was studying the baby. “This baby...”

Yes.” Shiva nodded again. “He is our child. He is born to us. Because he was born when I was blinded, I think he shall also be blind. He will be powerful and brave. But he will be blind.”

For a huge second, Parvathi looked at the baby with utter dismay.

But Shiva said nothing as he looked at the Goddess and it is said that he even rebuked the Goddess for her refusal to accept the baby.

A few seconds later, Parvathi looked at the innocent baby and then she smiled.

She picked it up and cooed at it. “Andhaka. The blind one. You are Andhaka. My son.”


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