Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little Krishna - Part 1

Diti was walking through the dense forest unmindful of the dangerous path. She had left her hermitage some time back and she was very angry as she had started with her journey, which was why she did not mind the perilous journey through the dense forests.
She was looking for Sage Kashyap, her husband, in the dense forests around her. Her husband....Sage Kashyap was a "manasputra" [Mind-Born Son] of Lord Brahma, the Creator God. As the son of Lord Brahma, Sage Kashyap was given the task of populating the earth.
For this, Sage Kashyap married the 12 daughters of Daksha and through them, Sage Kashyap fathered the humans, the animals and even the birds.
In the present, the reason Diti was here so angry was because of her own elder sister - Aditi. Aditi...Diti felt a wave of hatred almost consume her as she was unable to believe how she and Aditi could even be related. And Diti was sure that she could never forgive either Aditi or the Adityas (Adityas literally translated means the children of Aditi).
The Adityas or the Devas who were luminescent and shining beings ruled the skies and they also had powers over the natural elements. Indra, the eldest son of Aditi was the King of the Skies with his kingdom in AmaravathiDiti was thinking all this as she reached the clearing where she found her husband deep in meditation. Diti, knowing the yogic power of the sage was silent as she sat in front of her husband, and was waiting for him to open his eyes. Diti was seething inwardly but she let nothing show on her face right now.
And as Diti was waiting, she studied the powerful aura which emanated from her meditating husband. Usually, just watching her husband calmed down Diti. But today, she was just mad through and through.
It took a long time for Sage Kashyap to finish his meditation but Diti was determined. She did not disturb the meditation and finally Sage Kashyap opened his eyes.
And Sage Kashyap was slightly stunned to see his wife sitting before him and from the looks of it, it looked like she had been waiting for a really long time.
"What is it, my dear?" Sage Kashyap asked immediately, sensing that something was wrong.
Once Diti realized that she had her husband's undivided attention, Diti started, "I have come here to ask for a boon, my Lord," Diti said in a steely voice.
Sage Kashyap was a man of few words and said nothing. He realized that Diti was really angry and let her talk.
"Aditi's sons are called the Devas - the Gods and they live in Amaravathi. And I have heard that Amaravathi is built entirely with diamonds and other precious stones and their palaces and even their furniture, is made entirely of gold!" Diti said in a fuming voice.
Sage Kashyap now had a vague idea where all this was leading to. But he did not interrupt his wife.
"And I have heard that Vishwakarma, the architect of the Devas," Diti said in a sneering voice. "...built the place such that the fragrant smells of the flowers from the garden flow all over the palaces. And that there is music, dancing and all sort of enjoyment all the time there." Diti said struggling to control herself.
"Your children the Daityas, live in the Patala, my dear!" Sage Kashyapa spoke for the first time. "And though it is the netherworld, it is no secret that the Patala is more beautiful than the Skies. I have heard that though there is no sunlight in the Patala, there is no darkness there. All the darkness in Patala is dispelled by the rich jewels which are worn by the people there."
Diti was about to angrily interrupt Sage Kashyap when he held up his hands. "The Patala does not even have old age or disease of any kind!" Sage Kashyap said in a proud voice studying Diti.
"THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT!" Diti yelled unable to control herself.
Sage Kashyap said nothing as he continued to study his wife.
Diti panted for a few seconds and with great difficulty controlled herself. "The Adityas and my children have fought!" Diti said with barely controlled rage. "Though they have the same father, they have always fought and because the Adityas are more powerful than my sons, the Daityas have more often than not, been defeated by the Devas!" Diti said in a sneering voice. "I have lost more sons than I can count in these battles with the Adityas!" Diti said closing her hands in a tight fist to prevent them from shaking.
"It is the law of nature! We cannot change what is..." Sage Kashyap said in a soothing voice.
"I can and I will!" Diti said in a fuming voice.
Sage Kashyap was silent as Diti spoke in the same voice. "I wish to have a son who is more powerful than Indra and the other Devas! One who can defeat all the Adityas!" Diti said in the same voice.
Sage Kashyap wanted to speak but he knew that his wife would not listen to him. She would not budge. Not one inch.
Sage Kashyap did the only thing he could do. "Bearing such a child is no easy task!" Sage Kashyap said in a sharp voice. "You will have to keep yourself clean and carry out all the rituals while you bear the child for a hundred years!" [The concept of time in the Skies and the Patala was different from the time as computed on earth, though the time was always referred to as the time on earth.]
"I will do it," Diti said firmly in a voice brooking no argument. "I will do whatever is necessary! But the child that I bear should be the most powerful of them all."
"It shall be exactly the way you desire my dear," was all Sage Kashyap said.

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