Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little Krishna - Part 4

Looking at the smug face of Indra, Diti knew that Indra had done something unforgivable.
"You hurt the child in my womb, didn't you?" Diti asked her eyes smoldering. "You call yourself the king of the Skies and you did something like this?" Diti asked her voice turning dangerous. "And what did you do all this for?" Diti said coming very close to Indra who still had his Vajrayudham in his hands. "Power? So that you could always rule your kingdom?" Diti demanded sneering.
Indra was lost for words as Diti continued, "Hear the curse of a mother, Aditya! You shall never be able to rule the Skies peacefully!" Diti thundered. "Your rule shall always be hindered by someone or something for one or another reason!"
Indra was aghast as he realized that Diti's words were powerful enough for it to come true and he suddenly found his voice as he shook his head, muttering the first thing which came to his mind, "But it was my mother who told me...." Indra said his voice trailing off, looking even more aghast.
"This was Aditi's idea?" Diti demanded as her revulsion at what Aditi had done was matched only by her hatred for Indra. "I curse Aditi that she would be in prison and she would watch as her children get slaughtered and she would not be able to do anything to prevent it," Diti said softly. "Not one thing!"
Sage Kashyap appeared before his wife and realized that he was too late to save Diti's child as Diti was trembling and Sage Kashyap sensed Diti's curse to Indra and Aditi.
"Diti!" Sage Kashyap said as both Indra and Diti turned to watch him, "The children in your womb are safe!" Sage Kashyap said.
Children? Diti wondered shocked.
Sage Kashyap nodded. "Because of Indra's actions you do not have just one child but you have seven children - the Marutas!" Sage Kashyap said, "They would be phenomenally powerful and they would be allies of Indra." Sage Kashyap told his wife.
Diti let out a ragged breath almost stumbling on the chair behind her. She had wanted one powerful child, more powerful than Indra. But then now having seven powerful children as allies of Indra, was better than nothing.
Slowly Diti felt her anger dissolve itself.
Indra was however flabbergasted. "Diti cursed....she cursed me and mother," Indra whispered, looking horrified.
"I am afraid you will have to suffer her curse. So will Aditi," Sage Kashyap said with finality.
After this, Indra was never able to rule the Skies in peace. Indra always had problems of some kind and his rule was always thwarted one way or the other.
And Aditi's curse took a long time in coming.
But Diti's words came true with devastating efficiency in the Dwapara Yuga.

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