Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little Krishna - Part 8

The marriage of Devaki and Vasudeva was conducted with great pomp and show by King Ugrasena. The Yadavas all over the kingdom rejoiced because it was a gloriously beautiful marriage. The fact that Devaki and Vasudeva also loved each other also added to the joy of the Yadavas. Ugrasena gave a lot of gifts and riches to his beloved daughter as she was going to go to her husband's home.
But despite that, probably, the most beautiful sight in the entire marriage was after the ceremonies.
As Devaki and Vasudeva were about to step outside the marriage hall, they saw the strong Kamsa sit on the charioteer's seat in a beautiful chariot looking at the couple with a loving smile. 
"I will drop you at your home." Kamsa told Devaki with a beautiful smile.
And so the journey started.
Kamsa was happily willing to drop Devaki at Vasudeva's place, when something happened which changed everything.
That event changed the very map of the kingdom of Mathura.
As Kamsa was driving through the streets of Mathura, a strange voice filled the heavens.
Even the common man walking on the road stopped as they stared at the skies.
Kamsa brought his horses to a sudden stand still.
"FOOL!" The voice in the skies shouted sounding almost gleeful. "What are you so happy about? Why are you so happy about the marriage of this man to this woman? You should be sorry for it."
Devaki and Vasudeva looked worriedly at each other as they stared at the skies.
But the voice was not yet done giving its message.
"The eighth child of Devaki is going to bring your death, Kamsa!"
There was a shocked silence. A sudden shocked silence.
Kamsa had been astonished when he had heard the voice from the heavens. But he honestly did not know what was going to happen.
But when he heard what was being said, the cold fear of death played in his heart - the fear that he could not control.
He turned to look at his sister who was whimpering in fear before him.
That was the minute that Kamsa's fear turned into rage. Uncontrolled rage. This woman whom he had till now cherished was going to be the cause of his death.
"I am going to kill you!" Kamsa screamed. 
Kamsa pulled out his sword and caught Devaki by her hair and was about to kill her when Kamsa felt himself being pushed back.
"Kamsa, stop it!" Vasudeva shouted coming before his wife, looking angrily at the falling Kamsa.
Kamsa was panting angrily as Vasudeva tried to get him to look at him. "She is your own sister, Kamsa. And today is the day she is getting married – one of the happiest days in her life. And you want to kill her today?"
"If I don't kill her, she is going to be the cause of my death." Kamsa spat angrily, as he tried to push past Vasudeva.
"Everyone who is born has to die." Vasudeva said in a placatory tone. "Even if Devaki's child is going to be the cause of your death, it will just put an end your material world. Your soul is still alive. Why...?"
Vasudeva never completed his sentence as Kamsa angrily pushed Vasudeva aside as he saw Devaki stand before him. 
"She is going to bring me death and you want me to accept it?" Kamsa shouted angrily as he pulled his sword up.
Vasudeva changed tracks pretty fast. He knew that Kamsa had crossed that line where reason had ceased to exist.
"You do not have to kill Devaki. I have a better idea." Vasudeva said struggling with himself.
Kamsa whipped his head angrily as for a minute he looked at Vasudeva contemptuously.
"Do not kill Devaki, please." Vasudeva said taking a deep breath, trying to control himself. "It has been prophecised that the eighth child of Devaki would kill you. Why should you kill Devaki for that?
"What else can I do?" Kamsa sneered angrily.
"I will offer you all the children of Devaki as soon as they are born."
There was another shocked silence. A second later, an involuntary scream was torn from Devaki's mouth. She looked at Vasudeva completely horrified, unable to believe what she was hearing.
Kamsa looked at Vasudeva and suddenly that mindless anger was gone. And it was replaced with something even more ugly.
"You will give me all of your children?" Kamsa asked Vasudeva with a catty smile.
Vasudeva absolutely refused to look anywhere at the horrified Devaki and he slowly nodded his head. "Yes I will."
"You are an honourable man, Vasudeva." Kamsa said pulling his sword back in his sheath. "I believe you. And keep good your promises." Kamsa spared another pathetic look at Devaki and then turned to Vasudeva. 
"If you do not keep your promise, you know exactly what I am going to do."

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