Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little Krishna - Part 2

"Have you seen Diti of late, Indra?" Aditi's question was sharp as she saw her tall son settle himself in her chambers.
Indra was confused as he studied his mother. "Diti?"
Aditi nodded and was unhappy because she realized that Indra had not noticed anything of importance.
"She is carrying a child!" Indra said shrugging. "Why is that so important...?" Indra asked.
"HAVE YOU PROPERLY SEEN HER?" Aditi shouted as Indra fell silent.
"I do not understand, mother!" Indra said as he wished his mother would speak fast. The riddles she was speaking was confusing Indra. He just could not understand why his mother would be so worked up about something so trivial.
"Ninety nine years back, my sister went to see our husband in the forests and now she looks radiant." Aditi said.
"Radiant?" Indra asked wondering when his mother was going to get to the point.
Aditi sighed because she just could not believe how foolish Indra could be for not noticing something so obvious. "I am more than sure that the child that Diti is carrying is going to be more powerful than you," Aditi said in a scathing voice.
"WHAT?" Indra demanded feeling numb, his brain unable to comprehend what he was hearing.
Aditi nodded, "Son, you are the ruler of the Devas and you rule the skies. And more often than not, you and the Daityas have fought countless battles and most of the times her children have been routed in battle because of your strength and superior technology!"
Indra was barely listening as Aditi continued, "However, this time I think that Diti has outdone herself. I think that Diti, with the blessings of your father, now carries in her womb a child who can be as powerful as you are."
Indra looked unable to speak as Aditi nodded and continued, "Have you seen how radiant Diti looks? I am afraid! Every time I see Diti, I get afraid! I am afraid that if you let this child come to the could mean your end!"
Indra was shocked at his mother's words at first. But then he realized that his mother's words could be true. The Daityas were always fighting with the Devas for the control over the three worlds.
If Diti's child was indeed very powerful....Indra took a shaky breath.
He looked around and he had no idea when he had stepped out of his mother's chambers. Indra had been so deep in thought that he did not even know where he was walking.
But now that Indra had made his decision, Indra knew where he was going.

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